Fertility Massage – Get Your Body Baby Ready

Fertility Massage - Get Your Body Baby Ready
Fertility Massage – Get Your Body Baby Ready

Fertility massage has been a hot topic of modern day fertility conversation. However, using massage to promote health and healing has been in practice for ages. There is Chinese documentation that shares about the medical benefits dating back to about 2700 BCE. Just for context, western medicine didn’t start to offer fertility support until later in the 1900’s. My goal is to simply point out that this isn’t a fancy new technique that has yet to be proven beneficial.

What is fertility massage?

Fertility massage is a noninvasive way to promote circulation and tissue mobility to the highly important fertile organs such as the uterus and ovaries and the pelvic bowl as a whole.


As a bodyworker for two decades I have had the honor to be the witness to some most amazing physical changes in my clients bodies. Improved range of motion in almost any joint, reduction of scar tissue that was palpable to even a layman, and even an improved overall outlook on life from stress reduction.

Get to know the benefits of fertility massage!

If you have the mentality that this sounds too good to be true, I recommend you do some digging. This type of therapy works because it addresses so many things at once that are all integral pieces to your overall health and wellbeing. There are endless medical articles and client experiences that you will find that will motivate you to put your favorite massage therapist on speed dial.


This is one article that I love to direct potential fertility massage clients to. It is from the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and it shares an in depth case study done on the benefits of manual therapy for infertility. I love this because it shows that there are many hands-on modalities that research has supported as a great starting point and a foundational step for fertility health. There are many modalities to consider including: The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage. And my personal favorite because I am trained and certified is Mercier Therapy.


Struggling with any type of cyclical issues as a woman can be indicative of potential underlying problems to your fertile health. Period pain including cramps and clotting and irregular cycles have become commonplace in society and will often come with the message that you just need to learn to live with it. Sorry not sorry but I call bullshit. Pain is an indicator that something isn’t copacetic in your body.

Caring therapeutic fertility massage from a local professional

Teaming up with a trained and knowledgeable practitioner to perform a deep abdominal massage can address adhesions and scar tissue in the pelvic bowl. This will increase mobility and blood flow in the reproductive organs. More mobility and healthy blood flow means a healthier and happier space.


It would be my greatest honor to be on the journey with you to a healthy body for a healthy pregnancy and the greatest part, a healthy baby in your arms!


Sending all my love and all the baby dust!

P.S. Not sure if it’s the right time to talk to someone? Check out some introductory info on whether or not a fertility specialist might be right for you: Fertility Clinics: When You Should, Why You Would, and What You Need to Know