“If you had a c-section, this should be a must-have for you. An essential piece of self-care, that will allow you to heal sooner than later, so that you are fully present and available for the special people in your life.

It was a crucial piece in my healing of and old wound that extended way beyond physical all the way to a spiritual level.”

— Sona

“I am much more aware of what serves my body and mind regarding fertility. My cycles have become much more regular as well.

My time with Lane came at a time in my life when I needed someone who just “gets it”. She truly does “get it” and so much more! Fertility challenges can feel so incredibly lonely, but by working with Lane I was able to take back the power that infertility had taken from me and know that I wasn’t alone in my journey. I learned a wealth of beneficial information while regulating my cycles at the same time. I would highly recommend Merceir Therapy and coaching with Lane to anyone in need!”

— Caely

“Released old stuff in my pelvis and helped with my healing process. Emotional releases that were FELT

Amazing! Lane is caring, talented and knows her stuff. I would recommend this process to women of any age who have pelvic issues now or have had pelvic issues in the past. She addresses the whole person – physical, nutrition, movement and spiritual.”

— Trish


“In my experience, practitioners are a tricky bunch. More often than not their services tend to feel impersonal and I’m left questioning what the benefit was to the time we spent together. When seeking help with a problem that made me feel volnerable, uncomfortable, and emotionally spent, I was pessimistic that anyone would be able to step up. Lane absolutely GETS IT. She was able to give me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had which was such a relief that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else. If you want someone to finally care, you found her in Lane at Healing Grounds.”

— Amy

“You connect my heart to my uterus to generate love and kept me positive that I will be pregnant one day!

Lane is so lovin and caring about your and your individual chapter in life! She always puts the truth first and always lends a helping hand! I loved our time together – xoxo”

— Alicia

“Lane has helped me to be kinder with my body. My body is trying to heal the adhesions from my many abdominal surgeries. Mercier is helping me stay out if the hospital with bowel obstructions!

Lane is a wonderful healer. She uses Mercier Therapy to lessen the effects of abdominal adhesions. Before going to Lane, I visited the ER many times with bowel obstructions. When I found out that Mercier could help me with adhesions, I gave it a try. I am grateful for Lane and highly recommend her.”

— Ute


“I have less cramps during my period, I am more aware of what I am eating and my ibs is less. -Holly

This was an awesome experience and I would recommend this therapy to anyone!! I wish I would have done it years ago it is totally worth the money!”

— Holly

“My whole relationship with food has changed dramatically since the beginning. I love that Lane sees the root issues and is helping me with any challenges that I am having. Over all my health is improving very dramatically and I am so grateful to have found Lane.

Lane is AMAZING!! Her ability to read people and deliver information is beyond perfect! Having struggled with infertility for many years, I am very skeptical and jaded by my previous experience. Lane makes me feel empowered and powerful. I would strongly recommend seeing Lane for any fertility challenges! ”

— Elise

“I feel different. My heart feels different. My head feels different. My body feels different. It is all in ways I can’t put words to yet. It is all in ways that have been nothing short of, almost, miraculous. I feel deeper. I love deeper. I love ME. I adore Lane. I thank God for putting Lane in my life, right where I needed her to be.”

— Emily